Roof Hail Damage Systems

Hail Happens. Then Cracks in Your Roof Do, Too!

We Can Help Deal With Your Insurance Company When It Comes to Hail Damage - Here’s How:

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The Roof Coating Company roof hail damage systems protect against unexpected hail storms that can wreak havoc on a commercial roof.

Hail can strike in any season. Hail stones can vary from pea size to 7” in diameter and anything larger than 1-3/4” has the potential to inflict significant damage. All too often, roofs sustain severe damage during a hail storm but owners and building occupants won’t realize any damage has occurred until the roof is beginning to leak due to latent damage. When your flat roof membrane sustains millions of hail strikes during a severe storm it becomes compromised, you may not be able to see the effects except for visible strike marks and the roof may even appear to be fine. Weather the system is molecularly bonded or chemically bonded the laps, seams, T-patches and all other flashing are weakened greatly reducing the overall remaining life expectancy of the roof. The good news is the insurance companies know this. The bad news is without any physical loss they will not cover the cost to replace the roofing system. However, in our many years of working with insurance companies they will allow and pay for the roof to be restore with a qualified coating system.

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Don’t wait too long to call! Visible hail strikes or mars on the roof may only be visible for a short period. Have your roof inspected by The Roof Coating Company immediately after a hail storm. The Roof Coating Company’s Solvent-Free Silicone Roof Coating System can repair your hail-damaged roof.

The Roof Hail Damage Systems Expert

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As our name implies, The Roof Coating Company specializes in restorative roof coatings for commercial and industrial roofs in the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. We are proud to use quality materials by a top manufacturer.

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Our work with endorsed partners guarantees our roofs will stand the test of time. We also offer warranties that are backed by the manufacturer to cover both labor and materials. Please, don’t hesitate to call us at 757-515-7050 or use our convenient online contact form to schedule your free estimate today! Whatever your commercial roof restoration needs, we’ve got you covered in Hampton Roads Virginia!